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How can I become a Tumbler?
The first step to become a tumbler involves attending a Fall or Winter tryout session. The student must bring a copy of their June Report Card for the Fall tryout or their most recent Report Card for the Winter tryout. They must also be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Once the student has passed the tryout session, they are then required to attend the Training Program during the Academic Year. At the end of the Training Program (April/May), trainees are informed at a graduation/celebration event if they have successfully made it onto the Tumbling Team. Trainees that do not make the Tumbling Team are encouraged to return to the Training Program the following year.

How old do you have to be to tryout?
In order to audition for the Training Program, students need to be at least 6 years old and in the first grade - 16 years of age.

When are Tumbling Team tryouts held?
Tumbling Team tryout sessions are held in September/October and January/February each year. To find out the dates of this year's tryout sessions, please click here.

Is there a cost to tryout?
No, there is no cost to tryout for the Tumbling Team. Uniforms are provided free of charge for use during the Training Program. However, if a uniform is lost or damaged, there is a fee to replace each item.

How can I book the Tumblers for a performance?
Click here to contact the team office.

How can I become a team sponsor or volunteer?
Click here to contact the team office.

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