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We cannot thank you enough for considering a donation to the Jesse White Tumbling Team. We kindly invite you to help us immediately by making a donation with your credit card. We are using PayPal, a company that has already performed millions of secure transactions for other well known non-profit organizations. Your gifts to the Jesse White Tumbling Team, a 501(c)(3) non-for profit organization, are tax deductible.

By doing a donation with your credit card through PayPal*, you provide immediate financial assistance to the Jesse White Tumbling Team. Click on the button below to make your donation. In the "Item:" section, please indicate if you want your donation to go to the "Tumbling Team" or "Scholars Program".

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All transactions through PayPal are secure. No one can "eavesdrop" on your credit card numbers, because the traffic between your own computer and PayPal's systems has been encrypted with one of the most secure encryption algorithms currently available.

e-Bay has recently acquired PayPal because of its irreproachable reputation. This way, e-Bay and PayPal help organizations like the Jesse White Tumbling Team to continue their good work and accept donations easily without high setup or transaction costs.

*PayPal collects a small administration charge for each transaction. PayPal's fees are listed in the Fee Schedule, available from the footer of any PayPal page.

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